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Tribunal blindsides HMRC in housebuilder VAT dispute

27 October 2020

A recent tribunal decision may bring an opportunity for developers to retrospectively recover VAT on window blinds they install in new homes.

How will the VAT changes to lease termination payments impact commercial property landlords?
Ian Carpenter

27 October 2020

Lease termination payments over the last four years are now subject to VAT, leaving landlords potentially exposed to a large VAT bill. What is the impact for landlords?

HMRC cancellation fees
Anne Holt

21 October 2020

HMRC’s new policy on cancellation fees and early termination charges threatens a surprising number of businesses with backdated VAT bills, despite historic guidance to the contrary.

Brexit time is running out but for whom

20 October 2020

Brexit will have a deep and profound effect on UK businesses, but the Government’s plan to remodel the VAT and customs duty system still does not address all its implications. As a result, many will be unhappy with the implication of Michael Gove’s new ‘Time Is Running Out’ campaign that it is businesses who have failed to appreciate the gravity of the situation and have been dragging their feet.

HMRC makes backdated VAT policy change to termination fees

17 October 2020

In the past, HMRC has accepted that contractually agreed payments due in the event of a breach of contract, and thus amounting to compensation, were typically outside the scope of VAT, because they are not consideration for any supply of goods or services.

Could a hard Brexit see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods?

13 October 2020

One of the skills of an accomplished Chancellor of the Exchequer is to use a single tax to achieve multiple political objectives. We review the UK’s pre-EEC experience of a purchase tax and ask whether a hard Brexit could see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods.

Coronavirus VAT measures extended

06 October 2020

The Chancellor’s statement on Thursday 24 September, included a reduced rate for hospitality and leisure sectors and a deferred VAT payment date.

Are aphrodisiacs ‘food’ for tax purposes?

06 October 2020

A European court ruling means that sexual stimulants might qualify for a reduced rate of VAT in the Netherlands, alongside vitamin pills and food supplements, while UK customers continue to pay 20 per cent VAT on both.

More time to pay some taxes under latest Covid-19 Government measures

29 September 2020

The Government has introduced several new measures to assist taxpayers in these financially difficult times. We review the approach to SA (Self-Assessment) tax and VAT payments.

HMRC slips up in skating rink VAT appeal

22 September 2020

A tribunal has ruled that children’s ice skates can be hired without VAT, even when included in a skating session package. This is another recent loss for HMRC in a case where it has argued that a supply that would normally be eligible for VAT relief is part of a larger supply that is subject to VAT. Will HMRC take the point further?