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Different VAT rates for online and physical retailers

30 August 2018

A report this week from one of the UK's largest property consultancies suggests creating a two-tier VAT system for online and physical retailers in order to halt the decline of the UK high street. But just how feasible would this be?

A nation of shopkeepers? Not any more...

03 August 2017

Napoleon was supposed to have said that England was a nation of shopkeepers, but would it still be true today? The latest PAYE statistics offer some clues.

House! Taxpayer wins bingo game against the taxman

12 January 2016

We’ve previously discussed how tax legislation often struggles to keep up with technological advancement, and now the humble game of bingo is coming under the scrutiny of the tax tribunal. Apparently the introduction of electronic devices to replace the original bingo card has got the tax experts scratching their heads. It’s enough to make your ‘dabber’ dry out…

BBC star torn apart in tax courtroom drama

08 December 2015

Imagine the scene – children’s television blaring in the background while fur flies everywhere as soft toys are ripped apart. What resembled a bad day at the crèche, was actually a scene from a recent tax tribunal to determine whether BBC children’s character Iggle Piggle was, in fact, a stuffed toy.


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