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Loan charge review - what should you do now?

26 February 2020

The loan charge is an anti-avoidance measure to counter ‘disguised remuneration’ schemes where individuals were paid in the form of loans, replacing all or part of their salary.

Are you ready for DAC-6?

26 February 2020

The obligation to disclose tax planning has arrived as EU countries (and the UK) bring DAC6 into law. A single directive but 28 implementations – we look at what this means practically.

Tax Voice - February 2020

26 February 2020

The latest edition of tax voice explores a breadth of tax issues including IR35 and DAC6 with a focus on the impact of these issues both internationally as well as domestically.

2019/20 year-end tax planning considerations

26 February 2020

Taking simple and effective actions now could result in significant reductions to your 2019/20 and future personal tax liabilities. The next Budget is on 11 March 2020; although the Conservative manifesto ruled out increases to income tax, VAT or national insurance, could tax increases be made in disguise?

Off-payroll working and cross-border issues

26 February 2020

There has previously been a lack of clarity concerning the international aspects of the impending changes to UK off-payroll worker rules. HMRC recently issued draft guidance, so what does this tell us about how the new rules will apply to overseas workers and businesses?

Starbucks wins in EC state aid challenge

26 February 2020

Recent years have seen the European Commission (EC) taking on some of the world’s largest businesses in its efforts to eliminate illegal state aid. However, in September 2019, Starbucks won its appeal.

VAT tribunal allows zero-rate for digital newspapers

26 February 2020

Following a tribunal ruling, an independent review and a celebrity led campaign, the Government is under pressure on three sides to end the application of VAT at 20 per cent to digital publications.

False self-employment – off-payroll working tax changes from April 2020

26 February 2020

Over the years the construction sector, more than others, has been impacted by the changes to the legislation to stamp out what HMRC sees as false self-employment. Since the 1970’s there has been a special arrangement in place for the industry, the construction industry scheme (CIS).

Weekly tax brief | 25 February 2020

25 February 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax predictions for the 2020 Budget', 'Should family offices be worried about HMRC’s new secret unit?', 'Top tips for tidying up tax affairs before the tax year end (5 April 2020)', 'HMRC invites claims for overpaid VAT (but doesn’t agree to pay them)', and 'A bluffer’s guide to the Climate Change Levy'.

A bluffer’s guide to the Climate Change Levy

25 February 2020

As green taxes are likely to play a greater role in the UK’s taxation system in the future, we try to shed some light on the much-misunderstood Climate Change Levy.

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