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Lessons for UK from Swiss tax referendum
George Bull

15 February 2017

Swiss voters recently rejected their government’s proposals to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance. What’s going on and what are the lessons for the UK?

What would a world without tax havens look like?
George Bull

09 May 2016

To coincide with start of the UK Government’s anti-corruption summit in London this week, Oxfam has coordinated a letter from 300 leading economists warning world leaders that there is no economic justification for allowing tax havens. So could the result be a tax haven-free utopia, or is it more a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’?

Tax evasion - is a criminal offence for companies the answer?
George Bull

12 April 2016

This week, the Prime Minister announced that the Government is bringing forward plans to introduce a criminal offence for corporations that fail to stop their staff facilitating tax evasion. So will this be an effective measure or is it a knee-jerk reaction that’s destined to fail?

Beware Chancellors bearing Budget Day gifts warns RSM
George Bull

09 March 2016

With the referendum on the UK’s EU membership now set for 23 June, the Chancellor is coming under increasing pressure not to rock the boat with more tax hikes on Budget Day.

Higher education can be 'taxing'
George Bull

26 January 2016

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that although university tuition fees for higher education are exempt from VAT, fees payable to commercial providers of higher education are subject to VAT. Bad news for ‘unaffiliated’ suppliers of ‘paid for’ services to the higher education sector…

Retrospective deadlines may impact international trader
George Bull

12 January 2016

It’s little wonder that UK businesses trading internationally feel confused, and no, we’re not referring to the potential consequences of an in/out EU referendum, but the more immediate issue of the soon to be implemented European Union Customs Code (UCC).


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