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RSM welcomes Help to Grow scheme but urges Government to stick to broadband commitments to ensure success
Chris Knowles

04 March 2021

Today, as part of what he termed an ‘honest and fair’ Budget to balance the public finances, the Chancellor announced a new £520m Help to Grow scheme that could support 130,000 small and medium sized businesses in boosting their productivity.

Have organisations forgotten the focus and real meaning of IT?
Chris Knowles

09 August 2016

With all the talk of 'digital' - a somewhat confusing title for a ragbag of technologies from data analytics to mobile computing - it is easy to forget the original meaning of IT: technology to manage information.

How retailers can use technology to optimise discounting and pricing strategies
Chris Knowles

28 July 2016

Retailers without technology solutions in place are missing an opportunity to optimise their merchandising, promotional and pricing strategies.

Big data, big deal?
Chris Knowles

18 August 2015

Big Data is a common term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of both structured and unstructured data. What does this mean for your organisation and how can this proliferation of data be harnessed to add value for your business?


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