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Specialist assurance services

Organisations with diverse needs use our specialist assurance services, which range from training internal audit staff to conducting external quality assessment reviews. Whatever your assurance needs, RSM’s internal audit team is ready to help.

External quality assessment reviews

Let RSM’s specialists work with you to ensure your processes and practices conform to the Global Institute of Internal Auditors’ International Standards.


We are on hand to help you meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In partnership with your organisation, we’ll determine your readiness for a compliance programme, review your areas of compliance and non-compliance, and help you optimise your approach to risk.

Third party assurance

Outsourcing firms will want to know that your service organisation has the right controls in place to manage risk. RSM’s third party assurance can help you show your adherence to the applicable guidelines and secure new business.

Jed Turnbull


Jed focuses on client engagements, across sectors, for internal audit, Sarbanes Oxley compliance, and Third Party Assurance under AAF guidelines.


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