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Untangling the boardroom

06 August 2020

Establishing effective corporate governance is critical for any organisation, with boardrooms increasingly in the spotlight. In this episode of The Loop we look at trust, or perhaps the lack of it, and the steps needed to earn it.

Untangling GDPR

06 August 2020

In the first episode, we delve into the complex world of GDPR with RSM’s Sheila Pancholi and Steve Snaith, and our host Jon Cronin, where they discuss real life GDPR scenarios to deliver practical advice on how companies manage a data breach.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims: How will you check your claims are correct?

22 July 2020

With the job retention scheme running to the end of October and flexible furloughing now available, the possibility of errors is high. How will make sure your claims are correct?

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Adam Lickorish

Associate Director

Adam is an accomplished risk management professional with over 13 years experience in the Enterprise Risk Management, Governance, Compliance and Assurance fields, across both the public and private sectors.

The new board agenda: How organisations can better manage their contingency risks

07 July 2020

Coronavirus has overshadowed and dictated much of 2020, meaning that businesses are rightly focusing on continuity plans and disaster recovery; but there are other risks that need addressing. We explore contingency risks which sit outside of the current continuity thinking.

Tips for managing risk through and after coronavirus

02 June 2020

Many organisations will be having discussions about coronavirus risk management implications. We give some tips to help organisations with their risk management as we head into the new normal.

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Reinforce your defence against cybercrime and fraud

02 June 2020

Criminals exploit uncertainty and with the level of disruption coronavirus has caused we are seeing a significant increase in fraudulent behaviour. Explore key defences against cybercrime here.

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Business continuity management: what have we learnt from the coronavirus response?

02 June 2020

Business continuity planning and risk management are not new concepts. But there has never been a greater test of a businesses’ preparation than during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what lessons have been learnt here.

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Risk and governance

02 June 2020

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance of preparing your business for an emergency. Find out what we’ve learned from the pandemic about governance, and how to manage risk and fraud.

Remote working could lead to weakened cyber controls and more big data breaches
Ian Bell

20 May 2020

Ian Bell, RSM Head of Travel & Tourism comments on remote working leading to weakened cyber controls and more big data breaches.