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We lose £11.4bn a year in tax evasion – won’t we need that post-Brexit
George Bull

29 March 2017

The results are startling. While tax avoidance is at its lowest level ever, tax evasion and the hidden economy seem to be increasing inexorably, costing the UK £11.4bn a year.

Does tax avoidance have a future?
George Bull

23 August 2016

When all is said and done, you either pay the tax due or you do not. You are a compliant taxpayer, or a tax evader. So does tax avoidance have a future? And what does the Cheshire Cat have to say about this?

Tax havens: drive to name and shame may push innocent to the dark side
George Bull

17 May 2016

Contrary to much we’ve heard in the last week, not everyone who uses a 'tax haven structure' does so to evade tax or to conceal the proceeds of crime - as a recent court ruling has recognised. While the temptation to name and shame may be great, the irresponsible use of publicly available information risks driving both the guilty and the innocent to the dark side.

Would you make your tax return public?
George Bull

12 April 2016

With the publication of the tax returns of the Prime Minister, we have passed the point of no return when it comes to tax transparency. But in deciding who should be required to publish their tax information, where should the line be drawn?

Beware Chancellors bearing Budget Day gifts warns RSM
George Bull

09 March 2016

With the referendum on the UK’s EU membership now set for 23 June, the Chancellor is coming under increasing pressure not to rock the boat with more tax hikes on Budget Day.


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