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RSM comments on 25 per cent increase in capital gains tax collected
George Bull

27 October 2016

Figures released today by HMRC show that the capital gains tax take increased to £6.9bn for the 2014/15 tax year compared to £5.5bn for 2013/14, a 24.6 per cent increase.

An opportunity to reform the UK tax system?
George Bull

13 September 2016

Recent statements by the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond suggest a willingness to overturn some of the piecemeal changes put forward by his predecessor and to take a broader view of the UK fiscal system. So what can we expect at the Autumn Statement? We suggest five areas that the Chancellor may wish to tackle.

HMRC announces crackdown on routine tax planning
George Bull

01 June 2016

HMRC’s latest single departmental plan has just been updated, and announces (amongst other things) plans to invest in tackling tax evasion and non-compliance, improve customer services and increase prosecutions. However, a new commitment to tackle ‘tax planning’ marks a sea-change in HMRC’s approach…

Weekly tax brief - 4 April 2016
George Bull

04 April 2016

In this week’s tax brief we look at how the documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca could be bigger than WikiLeaks, and what HMRC’s response might be to the growing furore. Also, with the threat of further leaks to come, what to do if you’re worried that your name might be in the Panama Papers.

When is a tax not a tax?
George Bull

01 December 2015

While the design of the UK tax system should reflect the needs of society, increasingly the more ‘traditional’ taxes are being joined by the new pretenders – the carrier bag ‘tax’ and the sugar ‘tax’ to name but two. But is it really helpful to lump all of these together and what are the implications for HMRC?

Weekly Tax Brief - 13 October 2015
George Bull

12 October 2015

Round-up of the latest tax news and developments...

So you want to be like Facebook?
George Bull

12 October 2015

This week started with Facebook getting into trouble because the corporation tax paid by its UK subsidiary, £4,327, is less than the £5,393 income tax and national insurance paid by a single person on the average wage.

What tax announcements can we expect in the July Budget?
George Bull

01 July 2015

When the Chancellor makes his Budget speech on 8 July, what can we expect in terms of tax announcements and how could these affect individuals and businesses?


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