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Big data analytics: how it can help with mitigating risk in business
Sarah Belsham

17 February 2021

Data analytics and big data analytics are two elements of modern business that are unignorably important. Read more to make them work for your business.

Demystifying data analytics
Sarah Belsham

17 December 2020

In this episode of The Loop we are talking all things data, specifically data analytics. Jon Cronin is joined by RSM experts who help talk him through what some of the buzzwords such as big data, data mining and dashboards actually mean.

Embracing innovation – transforming construction with data and technology
Sarah Belsham

04 November 2020

Construction innovation is becoming essential for transformation in the industry. How are data and technology creating efficiencies in large scale projects?

Considerations for changing your ERP solution

24 March 2020

This RSM blog post covers three key things you need to consider when your business is looking to change its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Sarah Belsham

Consulting Director

Sarah is passionate about data and analytics. She is committed to helping her clients get the most out of their data through alignment with their core business strategy. She is focused on reporting and analytics to support commercial operations.

Data analytics consulting services
Sarah Belsham

At RSM we understand the challenges faced by organisations in an ever changing and competitive environment with increasing pressure to act quickly. Analytics empowers businesses to leverage their data to gain insight and improve decision making which in turn drives organisational excellence and creates market advantage.


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