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Knight Strip Metals – A deal with precision
Natalie Ord

05 March 2021

Case study: RSM’s M&A and private equity team has successfully advised Knight Strip Metals Limited on its merger with Knight Precision Wire Limited.

RSM and Shoosmiths advise Talley on successful sale to Direct Healthcare Group
Clodagh Tunney

04 March 2021

RSM’s M&A and private equity team and Shoosmiths have successfully advised the shareholders of Talley Group Limited (‘Talley’), on its sale to Direct Healthcare Group (DHG). Talley have successfully built and established a highly regarded brand, developing one of the leading dynamic alternating mattresses in Europe.

Budget 2021: Extension of lifelines welcome, but VAT deferral will hit hard
Gareth Harris

03 March 2021

Gareth Harris, Restructuring Advisory Partner at RSM, said: ‘The Chancellor’s promise to extend several major lifelines for businesses is welcome news.

Honest budget signals back to the future on corporation tax and reprieve for hospitality sector, business owners and angel investors
Dan Robertson

03 March 2021

Today, as what he termed ‘honest and fair’ measures to balance the public finances, the Chancellor pledged billions to continue to support businesses and families through the pandemic. He also stressed the importance of encouraging investment, especially in innovation, in order to build the UK’s future economy.

This budget signalled a reprieve for business owners and angel investors with capital gains tax rates and key tax relief left untouched, but there remain concerns.

Budget 2021: Real estate and construction

03 March 2021

Highlights of key announcements in the Budget for the real estate and construction sector.

Despite uncertainty, manufacturers need to invest in the future now
Mike Thornton

01 March 2021

After hitting a three-month low at the start of the year, the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI signals slight improvement for manufacturers moving to 55.1 from 54.1.

RSM welcomes Government SDLT extension as 'sensible and pragmatic' but urges further measures
Chris Etherington

25 February 2021

Further to reports in the media, it is anticipated that the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday will be extended by three months until 30 June 2021, a move which RSM welcomes.

Global pandemic and Brexit to trigger asset class and return on investment shifts in real estate
Howard Freedman

24 February 2021

Research by RSM shows that the pandemic and Brexit could both be acting as catalysts for rebalancing the traditional order of asset classes in real estate. Sentiment also highlighted that returns on investment in residential property will level up in some regions.

Capital funding for colleges
Stephanie Mason

24 February 2021

For the first time in years, several colleges within the further education sector have been awarded significant amounts of capital funding. RSM explores the challenges colleges must consider when using these funds.

What’s on the menu for food and drink firms in 2021?

24 February 2021

With its links to hospitality disrupted by the coronavirus, the food and drink sector innovated its way through 2020. But what does 2021 have in store for the sector?


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