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Pubs bars and restaurants start 2020 on positive note

13 February 2020

Britain’s managed pub, bar and restaurant sector have kicked-off the New Year on the front foot, with collective like-for-like sales up 1.9 per cent in January compared to the same month last year, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show.

7 in 10 consumer businesses confident of a successful Brexit deal
Paul Newman

11 February 2020

More than 70 per cent of consumer-facing businesses are confident that the Government can broker a Brexit trade deal that protects their interests.

Mike Cheetham

04 February 2020

Apprenticeships are a powerful tool in narrowing the poverty gap and giving opportunity to those who have traditional not been exposed to them. They can come with some complex rules and tick boxes, read more about what organisations need to consider when it comes to offering an effective apprenticeship programme.

David Rowling


David is a partner, leading our Digital and IT Strategy team. He has considerable strategy, systems selection, project delivery and operations experience.

Positive festive trading cheers eating and drinking-out market

15 January 2020

Britain may have fallen out of love with shopping on the high street over the festive period, but it continued to go out to eat and drink over Christmas and the New Year, latest industry figures show.

Reasons for cautious optimism among beleaguered retailers
Andrew Westbrook

19 December 2019

Andrew Westbrook, head of retail at RSM, comments on the latest retail sales figures for November from the Office of National Statistics.

Mandy Girder

Senior Manager

Mandy is an experienced assurance and advisory senior manager with a focus on media and technology, consumer markets and real estate businesses operating in the UK and overseas.

Andrew Mason


Andrew is an audit partner specialising in audit and assurance assignments, working with businesses ranging from early stage companies through to international groups in the technology, manufacturing, construction and consumer markets sectors.

Predictions for the hotels and accommodation industry in 2020

16 December 2019

Moving towards the new year we look ahead at the trends to expect for the Hotel and accommodation sector in 2020. Find out more on why personalisation and sustainability will be the focus for the new decade.

Predictions for the consumer markets industry 2020

16 December 2019

A summary of the predicted trends for 2020 in the consumer markets industry.

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