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Retail woes and Brexit fears fail to dent pub and restaurant sales

14 October 2019

While the retail sector recorded its worst September trading since 1995, Britain’s managed pub and restaurant groups saw collective like-for-like sales grow 1.2 per cent last month, according to latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker.

Hannah Gibson-Patel

Senior HR Consultant

Hannah is a client focussed HR specialist with over 15 years’ experience in HR Consulting and Outsourcing, including HR strategy, policy, compliance, change management and employee engagement. Hannah has a particular focus on Charities and the Education sector.

Suzanne Willmott

Associate Director

Suzanne leads the firm’s UK Outsourced Business Services Large Corporate Centre (LCC) with a particular focus on delivering end to end outsourced finance services to our large multi-national mid-market clients.

James Hawksworth


James has extensive experience in solvent restructuring, distressed turnaround and formal insolvency, working with directors and stakeholders to deliver effective solutions for businesses in distress, maximising recoveries and protecting the position of his clients.

RSM comments on ONS retail sales figures
Andrew Westbrook

19 September 2019

Andrew Westbrook, RSM's head of retail, comments on today's retail statistics for August 2019 released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Academy risk register analysis 2019
Hannah Catchpool

19 September 2019

The academy sector has faced many challenges and risks since inception and these look set to continue in 2019 and beyond. RSM’s latest risk register analysis enables you to compare your academy trust’s risk profile with that of others. This helps you to consider ‘how do our risks compare?’ and ‘are we missing any key risks?’. Click here to find out more and download our report.

The impact of removing tax breaks for independent schools

17 September 2019

Last week, the Daily Telegraph reported on a leaked shadow Treasury document which revealed Labour proposals to impose VAT on independent school fees and remove their discounted business rates. So what impact would this have on independent schools and their fee-paying parents?

Pub and restaurant groups maintain summer momentum

09 September 2019

Britain’s managed pub and restaurant groups saw collective like-for-like sales grow 1.6 per cent in August against the same time last year, with drink-led pubs, and especially those in London, being the best performers, latest figures from the Coffer Peach Business Tracker show.

Mid-year update on 2019 travel and tourism predictions
Ian Bell

19 August 2019

In January we made some predictions for the travel and tourism sector in 2019. As we reach the half way point in the year we reflect on the first six months and consider what may still occur.

A-level results day highlights future income shortfall for higher education sector
Louise Tweedie

15 August 2019

Do today’s A-level results highlight a future income shortfall for the HE sector?

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