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Liz Wright


Liz is a partner in RSM’s internal audit practice with a focus on the healthcare and charity sectors.

Charity matters 2021
Nick Sladden

31 March 2021

Our second edition of Charity Matters includes insights on coronavirus and post-pandemic issues within the sector. Download your copy of the report.

Big setback for charities as European court decides Wellcome Trust must charge itself VAT

22 March 2021

Under current rules, where a VAT-registered business buys in services from outside the UK, it must charge itself UK VAT under the reverse charge procedure. Conversely, those who don’t undertake any economic activities are not liable.

Capital funding for colleges
Stephanie Mason

24 February 2021

For the first time in years, several colleges within the further education sector have been awarded significant amounts of capital funding. RSM explores the challenges colleges must consider when using these funds.

Amna Waris

Marketing and Business Development Executive

Amna works in the Not for Profit team and is the national business development lead for social housing, education, emergency services and local government.

James Whybrow

Associate Director

James joined the team in 2020 to support employers with utilising the opportunities provided through Apprenticeships, ensuring that they are fully embedded throughout the organisation and deliver business impact.

OECD in head-to-head VAT clash with UK charity body

08 December 2020

The OECD and the UK’s Charity Tax Group have published reports on the taxation of philanthropic activities with diametrically opposed recommendations to the imposition of VAT on the sector.

Charity Tax Group reports the UK charity tax gap is £2 billion a year

08 December 2020

A recent report by the Charity Tax Group provides compelling economic evidence to support a new charity VAT rate. The report finds tax continues to be a significant burden on UK charities, with the net tax cost to the sector reaching a staggering £2 billion a year.

Enkeleda Ibrahimi

Principal Consultant

Enkeleda is a Principal Consultant with over seven years experience in the cybersecurity industry. She advices companies on how to improve the maturity of their cybersecurity program.

Richard Curtis

Senior Manager

Richard has over 20 years experience in cyber security, IT consulting and IT infrastructure. Richard provides threat and risk assessments, vulnerability testing and general advice on how to improve an organisations cyber maturity.


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