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Practical steps and Government reliefs for the real estate sector
Howard Freedman

28 October 2020

A summary of the resources and Government support available to the real estate sector during the coronavirus.

Five things to focus on when negotiating with your real estate lender
Howard Freedman

28 October 2020

For many businesses, rent deferrals would be a critical boost to their medium-term prospects during the coronavirus crisis, as owners strive to keep as much liquidity in the business as possible.

UK tech start ups increase almost 16 per cent
David Blacher

27 October 2020

Audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has found the number of new UK tech start-ups has risen by almost 16 per cent this quarter.

Now is a good time to be in tech
Charlie Jolly

22 October 2020

The coronavirus pandemic sent shock waves through the British economy. But for the tech sector, the future might be looking brighter than most.

Darren Birt


Darren has experience of business analysis, system design and implementation of NetSuite solutions, together with operational management and leadership of a professional services organisation across a wide range of sectors including professional services, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, not-for-profit, healthcare and technology firms. His functional expertise includes multi-company finance, CRM and project management.

HMRC makes backdated VAT policy change to termination fees

17 October 2020

In the past, HMRC has accepted that contractually agreed payments due in the event of a breach of contract, and thus amounting to compensation, were typically outside the scope of VAT, because they are not consideration for any supply of goods or services.

Six challenges for scaling tech businesses for 2021
Ross Stupart

16 October 2020

In this article we discuss the six challenges for scaling tech businesses for 2021 including accessing capital, business structures, succession, intellectual property and the Covid-19 bill.

A catalyst for change: New ways of working for the travel and tourism industry
Ian Bell

14 October 2020

As CJRS ends, the burning question on every senior leader’s mind will be workforce, and what next?

Travel sector heavily reliant on furlough scheme with new measures failing to provide support, finds research from RSM and ABTA
Ian Bell

14 October 2020

A new report from RSM and ABTA shows that 89 per cent of travel businesses made use of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and 84 per cent expect to use it until the end of October.

Could a hard Brexit see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods?

13 October 2020

One of the skills of an accomplished Chancellor of the Exchequer is to use a single tax to achieve multiple political objectives. We review the UK’s pre-EEC experience of a purchase tax and ask whether a hard Brexit could see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods.


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