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Zero rate of VAT for charity sector digital publications
Audrey Fearing

01 May 2020

The Government has announced that the application of the zero rate of VAT to supplies of 'digital publications' will be brought forward to 1 May.

Update on the VAT treatment of closely connected educational supplies

27 January 2017

In the long running saga of Brockenhurst College, the Advocate General considers supplies of catering in educational restaurants and admission charges to performances by students are not services closely related to the supply of education and, as such, should be subject to VAT.

Scott Harwood

Partner, Head of Public Sector VAT

Scott is head of public sector VAT for RSM and works across the not for profit sectors including the NHS health and care, local and central government, emergency services, education and charities.

NHS VAT refunds for laboratory services
Scott Harwood

25 September 2015

Over the years it has been a common practice (by NHS, suppliers and tax advisers) to regard certain outsourced managed laboratory equipment service contracts (MES) as being eligible for a VAT refund under contracted out service (COS) heading 31.


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