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Practical issues being faced by consumer businesses following the changes to the voucher rules for VAT introduced on 1 January 2019
Jane Bennion

30 May 2019

New rules came into effect on 1 January 2019 to simplify the VAT treatment of face value vouchers. The new rules are intended to harmonise the VAT treatment of vouchers across the EU.

While kids just want to have fun, parents pick up the VAT costs

22 June 2016

Keeping kids amused and occupied in the school holidays can be stressful for parents, particularly in the summer break. This has led many parents to turn to holiday camps, but they’re not cheap, particularly when you add on the VAT.

VAT changes for eBay and Amazon sellers

17 March 2016

HMRC introduces plans to tackle online retailer VAT avoidance which risk victimising the innocent, but are such measures required at all?


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