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Automotive manufacturing
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

02 August 2021

Automotive manufacturers face many challenges and we have automotive manufacturing specialists that can assist you to ensure you are best placed to face these challenges head on.

Health Matters: Using data to drive personalised care better patient outcomes and reduce costs
Clive Makombera

23 July 2021

How could digital developments revolutionise the way health care operates in the UK? Read our article to discover how the use of data to drive personalised care, better patient outcomes and reduce costs, could see dramatic enhancements to patient experience.

Mitul Raja


Mitul is an Audit Director based in Leicester and has over 15 years experience delivering efficient and high quality audits.

Food and Drink
Stuart McCallum

12 July 2021

Our experience in the food and drink sector has been built up over many years by serving the needs of our food and drink clients, many of which are manufacturers and those in the peripheral sectors such as packaging, marketing and distribution. We understand and keep up to date with the challenges that food and drink businesses face.

Monthly food and drink exports for May up 20 per cent on last year
Stuart McCallum

12 July 2021

With so many negative headlines around about the drop in exports of UK food and drink to the EU since Brexit, it’s great to see that the ONS data for May suggests that exports to the EU are up by 7 per cent on the same month last year.

Natalie Stacey


Natalie is a Corporate Finance Director in our Reading office. She has seven years’ transaction services experience with a focus on buy and sell side financial due diligence.

Good conditions remain for manufacturers despite supply chain problems
Mike Thornton

02 July 2021

We expected to see a continuation of the strong growth we have seen in recent months in the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI. The slight dip on the previous record month of 65.6 to 63.9 indicates that good conditions remain, and that consumer spending is driving activity. This trend is likely to continue until international travel restrictions are lifted and competition on pent up consumer savings increases.

Tax return pain awaits crypto investors

29 June 2021

Cryptocurrency investors are likely to be in for a shock when preparing their tax returns this year, as they may need to undertake complex calculations and disclose details of all their trades to HMRC, even if no tax is due.

The future of R&D tax reliefs – What’s in store for the tech sector?
Matt Appleton

29 June 2021

Since its introduction in 2000, R&D tax reliefs have seen significant increases, both in terms of their cash value and the breadth of qualifying activities.

Manufacturing sector performance tracker
Mike Thornton

22 June 2021

The purchasing managers index (PMI) is an economic indicator containing information taken from private sector manufacturing firms. The index surveys the individuals that buy the materials needed for a company to manufacture its products.


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