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What did the budget have in store for the media and tech sector?

03 March 2021

What did the Budget have in store for media and tech businesses? With the Chancellor continuing to push growth and innovation in the country this Budget was a positive result for the sector.

Tech, media and the debt market
Saxon Moseley

02 March 2021

Equity or debt funding? Media and tech business have access to both. But the magic of a well-funded business is in balancing the two.

Proposed tax reforms could have significant impact on rural landlords and land letting

16 February 2021

We have seen multiple reports over the past couple of years relating to the reform of inheritance tax and capital gains tax, which could have a significant impact on rural communities already facing significant change.

Spotlight – Closing the curtains on another deal
Kirsty Sandwell

02 February 2021

RSM’s corporate finance team advised Spotlight, a casting company, on its sale to global casting technology solutions provider Talent Systems LLC.

Max Whitehead


Max specialises in providing due diligence services for both buy-side and sell-side engagements for businesses typically valued between £1m and £100m.

Keith Thomas


Keith is an experienced partners, based in our London office. He was at a big four firm for 39 years, and a hands-on corporate tax partner for 27 years, focused on their FTSE 100/250 and other large corporate clients.

Media and technology 2021 predictions
David Blacher

11 December 2020

As we approach the end of this tumultuous year some of RSM’s media and tech specialists consider what is around the corner for the industry in 2021.

What impact has the coronavirus had on tech start-ups?
Simon MacDonald

09 December 2020

The media and tech industry has emerged as one of the more robust sectors of the UK economy since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020. With almost the entire country working remotely and spending their leisure time at home, a surge in demand for digital tech and entertainment has been great for many businesses.

Deviesh Raikundalia

Restructuring Advisory Director

Deviesh is a Restructuring Advisory Director based in Leicester and Nottingham and is an experienced advisory in Restructuring and is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner. His primary goal is to rescue and turnaround the situation with a view to ideally avoiding formal insolvency procedures. Deviesh is well known and regarded across the East Midlands professional and business community and has a wealth of experience in financial restructuring and recovery across various sectors including (but not limited to) automotive, manufacturing, construction, leisure and hospitality.

Employee equity incentives for tech companies
Saxon Moseley

24 November 2020

For many employees and executives, share options and other forms of equity reward form a core and expected part of any remuneration package.


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