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Budget 2021: Real estate and construction

03 March 2021

Highlights of key announcements in the Budget for the real estate and construction sector.

RSM welcomes Government SDLT extension as 'sensible and pragmatic' but urges further measures
Chris Etherington

25 February 2021

Further to reports in the media, it is anticipated that the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday will be extended by three months until 30 June 2021, a move which RSM welcomes.

Global pandemic and Brexit to trigger asset class and return on investment shifts in real estate
Howard Freedman

24 February 2021

Research by RSM shows that the pandemic and Brexit could both be acting as catalysts for rebalancing the traditional order of asset classes in real estate. Sentiment also highlighted that returns on investment in residential property will level up in some regions.

Construction Industry VAT: assessing the working capital impact of the domestic reverse charge

23 February 2021

After being pushed back twice, the domestic reverse charge (DRC) for the construction industry is to be introduced on 1 March 2021. Despite the UK returning to lockdown measures, there has been no indication from HMRC that the DRC will be pushed back again.

Property and the Economy update

27 January 2021

Join us in our upcoming webinar, in partnership with Savills, to hear about how the UK property market has changed over the last year and where we expect these trends to take us in 2021.

Using Apprenticeships to boost your access to talent in construction
James Whybrow

20 January 2021

There are more apprenticeships in construction than any other sector. As access to EU workers changes and with recent levy changes, is now the time to overhaul your apprenticeship strategy?

James Dowers


James is a partner based in our London office with over 18 years of experience offering advice in all forms of corporate insolvency and restructuring to directors, shareholders and creditors.

Deviesh Raikundalia

Restructuring Advisory Director

Deviesh is a Restructuring Advisory Director based in Leicester and Nottingham and is an experienced advisory in Restructuring and is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner. His primary goal is to rescue and turnaround the situation with a view to ideally avoiding formal insolvency procedures. Deviesh is well known and regarded across the East Midlands professional and business community and has a wealth of experience in financial restructuring and recovery across various sectors including (but not limited to) automotive, manufacturing, construction, leisure and hospitality.

Richard Curtis

Senior Manager

Richard has over 20 years experience in cyber security, IT consulting and IT infrastructure. Richard provides threat and risk assessments, vulnerability testing and general advice on how to improve an organisations cyber maturity.

Construction sector VAT: Assessing the working capital impact of the Domestic Reverse Charge
Ian Carpenter

The Domestic Reverse Charge for VAT will have a big impact on the Construction sector. Read on to see what you need to know and how to prepare for these changes.


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