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RSM partner voted AISMA vice chair
James Gransby

19 May 2020

James Gransby has been voted AISMA (The Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants) vice chair at the body’s annual general members meeting.

Tyrone Courtman


Tyrone is a Partner based in Leicester and is an expert in Restructuring, a Chartered Accountant and a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. He is well known and highly regarded across the East Midlands/Midlands business community and has extensive experience in financial restructuring and recovery across various sectors.

Coronavirus: Practical steps and Government reliefs for GP Practices and locum GPs
James Gransby

14 April 2020

We have summarised the practical steps that GP Practices should look to take to mitigate the issues caused by coronavirus, together with the measures currently outlined by the Government to support them at this time.

Primary care networks (PCN) topical tax issues
James Gransby

24 February 2020

James Grandby, specialist medical practices partner, covers the key financial considerations and implications for practices and new primary care networks including; taxation of the surplus funding, employment status of the clinical director, and VAT exposure of your PCN.

Management, governance and regulation – the importance of efficiency in residential care homes

05 February 2020

Final instalment of a three-part blog series to highlight the following issues facing the British residential care sector: the importance of good management and effective governance and regulation.

Residential care homes – a spotlight on employment and staffing issues

29 January 2020

The impact of staff shortages in residential care homes as a result of the Government scrapping bursaries for nursing students; Brexit; sleep-in costs for residential care workers and the effect of IR35 on contractors being defined as employees.

Overcoming profitability problems in the residential care home sector

16 January 2020

In the first instalment of blogs looking at issues facing the residential care sector, we look at profitability, ownership structures and value in distressed situations.

Government review of NHS pensions – what are the options?

07 January 2020

The Conservatives pledged in their election manifesto that they would take measures to address the NHS pensions crisis. On 18 December they said that they would announce their solution on Budget day (11 March). What options could they be considering?

Graham Steele


Graham is a tax partner and leads RSM’s North West region innovation reliefs team.

Doctors unconvinced by NHS pensions fix

27 November 2019

NHS England has announced that clinicians affected by an NHS pensions Annual Allowance tax charge for the 2019/20 tax year would have any tax payable reimbursed to them on retirement. They may have been hoping for a positive reception to the plans but doctors remain wary.

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