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Tyrone Courtman


Tyrone is a Partner based in Leicester and is an expert in Restructuring, a Chartered Accountant and a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. He is well known and highly regarded across the East Midlands/Midlands business community and has extensive experience in financial restructuring and recovery across various sectors.

Katie Morrison


Katie is an audit partner based in our Glasgow office, providing statutory audit, assurance and financial reporting to corporate entities. She specialises in a range of sectors including real estate and construction, manufacturing and transport and logistics.

Michael McLaughlin


Michael is a tax partner based in the Nottingham office. Michael works with corporate clients delivering commercial tax advice on international and domestic tax matters including; global tax compliance, overseas expansion, mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, new developments in tax law, tax technology and governance, transfer pricing and tax accounting.

Mark Gandy

Associate Director

Mark works in our Asset Based Lending (ABL) team, focusing on the sourcing and suitable placement of invoice finance and ABL transactions within the marketplace, whilst helping to identify suitable opportunities for Restructuring Advisory and the wider practice.

Coronavirus: Practical steps and Government reliefs for recruitment businesses
Neil Thomas

01 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is undermining many recruitment businesses. We have summarised the practical steps that recruitment businesses should look to take to mitigate the issues.

How will the recruitment sector be impacted by changes to IR35 rules from April 2021?
David Williams-Richardson

24 March 2020

The Government’s confirmed lead option for change is to extend the public sector reform introduced in April 2017 to the private sector. How would this potential change impact the recruitment sector?

IR35 - The impact to the recruitment sector
David Williams-Richardson

The Government has confirmed that it intends to reform the off-payroll working rules (commonly known as IR35) from 6 April 2021. This change will impact the estimated 20,000 recruitment agencies who provide off-payroll workers via intermediaries, such as personal service companies (PSCs), to medium and large businesses in the private sector and to the public sector.

Katherine Williams

Managing Consultant

Katherine works with clients to understand and develop their project and programme management capability, supporting organisations in their delivery of change.

How can recruitment businesses harness technology for growth?
Roger Lovis

27 November 2019

From optimising quality engagement, driving successful projects and adapting to market changes, our experts explain the pivotal role digital strategy has to play in today’s recruitment industry.

Jennifer Mansoor


Jennifer is an experienced employment solicitor who helps businesses with people management, assisting clients with complex issues involving their people and implementing a solution in accordance with clients’ objectives.

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