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Darren Birt


Darren has experience of business analysis, system design and implementation of NetSuite solutions, together with operational management and leadership of a professional services organisation across a wide range of sectors including professional services, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, not-for-profit, healthcare and technology firms. His functional expertise includes multi-company finance, CRM and project management.

How manufacturers can lessen the impact of future coronavirus lockdowns
Ben Horseman

28 September 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the manufacturing sector unevenly. But with more lockdowns looming, what can manufacturing firms do to protect their operations?

Build build build? The future of the construction sector and its suppliers

28 September 2020

Our roundtable event will discuss with you, the future of the construction sector and the impact that this will have on the manufacturers that supply into the industry.

Steve Hubbard


Steve is a partner at RSM.

Lindsey Cooper


Lindsey is a partner at RSM.

Attracting investment - growing food and drink brands

17 September 2020

Our round table event will focus on attracting private equity investment in the food and drink industry, the key things to consider when building a food or drink brand, and developing an exit strategy.

John Guest


John is an audit director and acts for both not for profit and corporate clients. He leads the Social Housing offering in North West and North East England and has over 15 years’ experience in providing audit and assurance services.

Sarah Barry


Sarah leads the mergers and acquisitions team at RSM in the South East. She helps shareholders and management teams sell part or all of their business, buy another business or raise money for growth.

Manufacturing output rises but employment levels fall
Mike Thornton

02 September 2020

August has seen UK manufacturing output expand at the fastest rate for over six years as companies and their clients restarted operations following coronavirus lockdowns. It is excellent to see these figures showing a bounce back for the manufacturing industry but this bounce back is as fragile as they come….

Virtual roundtable for automotive manufacturers

01 September 2020

We are hosting a virtual round table forum specifically for automotive manufacturers at 12.30pm on Wednesday 16 September.


Accelerated mergers and acquisitions (1)
Accounting and business advisory (41)
Act today shape tomorrow (3)
Annual compliance service (2)
Assurance (31)
Audit and assurance (61)
Business sales (9)
Capital allowances (6)
Capital gains tax (2)
Capital markets (3)
Change and transformation (4)
Commercial valuation (2)
Consulting (10)
Contentious insolvency (8)
Contract and procurement (1)
Corporate due diligence (5)
Corporate restructuring (17)
Corporate simplification services (3)
Corporate tax advice (13)
Corporate tax compliance (11)
Covenant assessment services (3)
Creditor assistance (2)
Creditor services (4)
Debt advisory (7)
Debt collection (1)
Digital and IT strategy (1)
Distressed real estate (9)
Domicile advice (1)
Drive productivity (1)
Due diligence (12)
Early stage enterprise (6)
Economic consulting (1)
Employer solutions (4)
Employment tax (1)
Employment taxes and costs (2)
Entrepreneurs relief (2)
Expanding overseas (8)
Expatriate services (3)
Financial reporting advisory (36)
Financial reporting support (3)
Financial review and reporting (1)
Financial turnaround (1)
Forensic and fraud risk services (2)
Formal insolvency (14)
Global Compliance and Reporting Services (4)
Global Financial Statement Preparation (1)
Global management services (1)
Governance Risk and Compliance (5)
Human resources services (5)
IFRS advice (2)
Inheritance tax (1)
Internal audit (1)
International (6)
International tax advice (7)
Invoice finance and asset based lending services (12)
Legal services (3)
Manage risk (1)
Management buy out (7)
Managing cash flow (2)
Mergers and acquisitions (18)
Microsoft Dynamics solutions (1)
Monitoring trustee services (4)
NetSuite services (2)
Outsourcing (11)
Payroll (1)
Pension planning (1)
Personal insolvency (1)
Personal investment companies (1)
Private client and family wealth (3)
Private equity due diligence (3)
Project finance (1)
Property tax (6)
Research and development tax relief (14)
Restructuring advisory (22)
Risk advisory (8)
Sale and purchase agreement (2)
Service charge audit (2)
Setting up in the UK (5)
Specialist assurance services (2)
Specialist services (2)
Statutory audit (37)
Tax (34)
Tax efficient business structuring (5)
Tax investigation (2)
Tax issues in acquisition disposal or finance raising (2)
Technology and management consulting (6)
Technology risk solutions (2)
Transaction Advisory Services (45)
Transfer pricing (7)
Trusts (1)
VAT and indirect tax (8)
Vendor due diligence (2)
Venture capital reliefs (1)

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