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Retail trade biggest contributor to GDP growth
Rupert Eastell

26 January 2017

Figures published today show that GDP is estimated to have increased by 0.6 per cent during the final quarter of 2016, with the retail trade making the largest contribution to headline GDP growth.

Eight big issues for retailers in 2017
Rupert Eastell

09 January 2017

After a year of mixed fortunes for the retail sector, we look ahead to the big issues that retail businesses will face in 2017.

What the latest CPI figures mean for the retail sector
Rupert Eastell

18 October 2016

The latest numbers show that food retailers are still managing to protect their customers from the impact of currency movements. However, the same cannot be said for clothing retailers where prices have started to rise.

Who will be the real winners on Black Friday? RSM's Head of Retail comments...
Rupert Eastell

26 November 2015

Black Friday is still a relatively new concept to UK consumers, and I expect that this year we’ll see the results of better planning by retailers.

Introduction of the National Living Wage the key measure impacting retailer
Rupert Eastell

08 July 2015

The most striking announcement impacting retailers made by the Chancellor is the introduction of a national living wage which is being introduced at a rate of £7.20 per hour in April 2016.

Rupert Eastell


Rupert has 28 years’ experience (12 as partner) working with retail businesses advising upon their strategic development needs and plans for growth.


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