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HMRC gives colleges breathing space over VAT decision
Steve Hodgetts

17 June 2021

In response to the Upper Tribunal’s recent decision in the Colchester Institute Corporation case, we explore HMRC’s statement on the VAT position of grant funding for further education colleges.

Lee Van Lockwood


Lee provides restructuring and insolvency advice to a range of businesses and stakeholders. He takes a straightforward approach to, often challenging, situations and remains focused on securing the best outcome for all parties.

RSM reacts to Skills and Post 16 Education Bill
Stephanie Mason

19 May 2021

Stephanie Mason, RSM’s head of further education, said: The Skills and Post 16 Education Bill recognises the positive contribution and importance further education (FE) has on the economy which is welcome news for the sector. However, the levels and accessibility to funding will be a concern for FE providers and with known challenges around levels of funding.

How to get a tax liability without really trying
Stephanie Mason

21 April 2021

Contrary to popular belief, colleges are not completely exempt from tax. Instead, there is a complex web of very specific tax exemptions which you must work within if corporation tax is not to become payable. This means it is very easy to accidentally end up with a corporation tax liability.

Gordon Thomson


Gordon is a chartered accountant and licensed insolvency practitioner and has over 15 years of experience across restructuring and transaction services, providing financial, operational and strategic advice to companies, lenders and other stakeholders.

Audit report changes and the impact on law firms
Rowan Williams

29 March 2021

Law firms now need to provide lengthier and more detailed audit reports as a result of changes to the International Standards of Auditing. What do you need to know about the changes and how will they impact your law firm?

Capital funding for colleges
Stephanie Mason

24 February 2021

For the first time in years, several colleges within the further education sector have been awarded significant amounts of capital funding. RSM explores the challenges colleges must consider when using these funds.

James Whybrow

Associate Director

James joined the team in 2020 to support employers with utilising the opportunities provided through Apprenticeships, ensuring that they are fully embedded throughout the organisation and deliver business impact.

Deviesh Raikundalia

Restructuring Advisory Director

Deviesh is a Restructuring Advisory Director based in Leicester and Nottingham and is an experienced advisory in Restructuring and is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner. His primary goal is to rescue and turnaround the situation with a view to ideally avoiding formal insolvency procedures. Deviesh is well known and regarded across the East Midlands professional and business community and has a wealth of experience in financial restructuring and recovery across various sectors including (but not limited to) automotive, manufacturing, construction, leisure and hospitality.

Enkeleda Ibrahimi

Principal Consultant

Enkeleda is a Principal Consultant with over seven years experience in the cybersecurity industry. She advices companies on how to improve the maturity of their cybersecurity program.


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