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RSM responds to Q1 Scottish insolvency statistics
Alistair Dickson

24 July 2019

The statistics released today by the Accountant in Bankruptcy show that personal insolvency levels continue to grow compared to the same period Q1 last year; but corporate insolvencies has slightly decreased in respect the previous raising trend.

RSM's Brexit Stress Index rises amid political posturing over hard Brexit
Simon Hart

24 July 2019

The RSM Brexit Stress Index moved higher last week, as the currency, equity and bond markets reacted to the political posturing around a hard exit from the EU and the impact of what looks to be a slowdown in global growth.

Workshop with well known author of 'Beyond Brand'

23 July 2019

You are invited to attend a workshop Nottingham hosted by Craig McVoy, author of ‘Beyond Brand’.

RSM strengthens audit and tax capability in Hull with senior hires
Andy Capes

23 July 2019

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has strengthened its Hull team with two senior appointments.

Host Analytics | Automate planning, reporting & consolidation

23 July 2019

Host Analytics award winning planning, budgeting and forecasting software allows you to automate and accelerate planning, reporting, and consolidation processes. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more making better decisions. Make an enquiry now to find out how we can help transform your finance function.

Weekly tax brief | 23 July 2019

23 July 2019

This week's articles are 'Carbon offsetting consultation overlooks existing taxes and devolution', 'Will Boris suffer a bedroom tax?', 'HMRC attempts to tackle VAT on credit notes (again)', and 'The NHS launch High Court action for huge £2.35bn tax rebate'.

The NHS launch High Court action for huge £2.35bn tax rebate

23 July 2019

Should the NHS, which is funded by taxation, pay tax? On the face of it, this would seem a simple question with an obvious answer, but not so.

HMRC attempts to tackle VAT on credit notes (again)

23 July 2019

If you make a mistake when calculating the VAT on your tax return, corrections are meant to be made within the four-year cap; however, many are making a credit or debit note instead which is not subject to a cap. To stop a perceived tax advantage for businesses, the government is set to change the law (again).

Will Boris suffer a bedroom tax?

23 July 2019

With Boris Johnson due to move into Number 10 Downing Street, we take a look at how he might be taxed personally as Prime Minister. What tax perks lie in wait for him; are there any downsides; and most importantly, will he be taxed on his new furniture including a new bed?

Carbon offsetting consultation overlooks existing taxes and devolution

23 July 2019

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has launched a call for evidence on offsetting carbon emissions produced by transport. While initially promising, the document completely overlooks existing taxes, such as fuel duty and air passenger duty, and ignores the inconvenient truth that aspects of these have been devolved around the UK.

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