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What are the implications of travel restrictions for company taxation?

24 March 2020

UK companies whose staff are stranded overseas as a result of coronavirus travel restrictions may also unintentionally find themselves hit with an overseas tax liability.

What if you’re a UK resident caught in another tax jurisdiction?

24 March 2020

Tax residence in most countries is based on the number of days spent there, together with connecting factors, such as having dependent family in the country or a home there. So what happens if you’re a UK resident caught in another tax jurisdiction?

Could coronavirus travel restrictions affect your tax residency?

24 March 2020

The current restrictions on international travel could mean that people inadvertently fall foul of residency rules for tax and find themselves caught in the UK tax net.

A proposal to save the self-employed and gig-workers from financial destitution

24 March 2020

Financial destitution looms for the self-employed and gig-workers whose income has collapsed as a result of the coronavirus. We suggest an approach which would put these people on the same footing as employees on furlough. It would be immediate, simple and effective.

Keeping supply chains moving

24 March 2020

Supply chains are facing significant pressure and so it is critical for organisations to be proactive in their continuity plans. The government has also published policies for public sector organisations to ensure continuity. Find out more here.

Considerations for changing your ERP solution

24 March 2020

This RSM blog post covers three key things you need to consider when your business is looking to change its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Managing your people during coronavirus

24 March 2020

The health and safety of your staff should be your primary concern amidst the coronavirus health crisis. Discover practical advice on how to manage them through these uncertain times.

Coronavirus and the Statutory Residence Test

24 March 2020

HMRC issues guidance for individuals unable to travel to or from the UK, find out what this means for businesses here.

Employer NIC deductions from contractors under IR35

23 March 2020

Following the introduction of the rules in the public sector in April 2017, some employers have tried to pass on National Insurance Contributions (NIC) (13.8%) and the Apprenticeship Levy (0.5%) costs to contractors. This is potentially unlawful.

Can you renegotiate contracts to include deductions for employer’s NIC?
IR35 changes workforce structuring strategy – wise up to employment legal rights too. It’s a joint gig!

23 March 2020

For the purposes of the off-payroll working rules, one of the key questions is whether the engaged individual would (for tax or NICs purposes) have been an employee of the client if they had been working directly for it rather than engaged through an intermediary.

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