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Robyn Duffy

Business Development Manager - Consumer Markets

Robyn is a business development manager for the national consumer markets group at RSM, encompassing the retail, leisure and hospitality, travel and leisure, and hotels and accommodation sectors.

Data advisory and analytics

Storing large amounts of information has become far simpler and easier in recent years. The skill is in leveraging mass data to gain new insights and ultimately drive growth. That’s where RSM’s wide range of data services come in.

Financial services

Our financial services industry experts can guide you through UK or international regulations.

Tim Prince

Business Development Manager

Tim can help you connect with the right RSM financial fervices specialist to support your business overcome any number of complex issues you may be facing anywhere in the UK.

Linda Kearns

Business Development Manager

Linda is the national marketing and business development lead for both our corporate finance and restructuring advisory service lines and is responsible for creating and executing all strategic marketing activity for these teams.

Matt Sears-Black

Senior Marketing and Business Development Executive

Matt is the national business development lead for our Real Estate & Construction sector, based in our London office. He is responsible for developing, delivering and monitoring strategic marketing and business development activity for the team throughout the UK.

Recruitment services

We offer a tailored recruitment service which follows best practice recruitment methods.

Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting is changing the way business and accountants, manage, maintain, access and gain useful insight from financial data. Find out how cloud accounting can save you time and benefit your business.

Entering international markets

In conjunction with our RSM member firm network, our teams can offer advice and guidance on those first steps, the vehicle through which you should enter a new market, the finance and people liabilities and obligations you will meet, the pros and cons of a centralised delivery verses local delivery model in each country - ultimately ensuring that you remain competitive and compliant.

Paul Newman

Partner, Head of Leisure and Hospitality

Paul is an assurance and advisory services partner in the London office and head of the firm's leisure and hospitality sector group. He acts for a number of high profile and exciting concepts operating in the UK and overseas with a particular personal interest and focus on the London eating and drinking-out scene.

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