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The personal touch

17 September 2015

A recent survey carried out by HMRC has revealed that 87 per cent of the customers that took part, described their experience of dealing with the taxman as good or very good. So who are these people? The answer may just surprise you…

There be dragons in the land of pensions

17 September 2015

Next month will see The Pensions Regulator launch a TV campaign to encourage small employers to comply with their auto-enrolment obligations.

Weekly Tax Brief - 17 September 2015

17 September 2015

Round-up of the latest tax news and developments...

The Construction Industry Scheme continues to evolve. Are your clients prepared?
Chris Ratten

16 September 2015

The Construction Industry Scheme continues to evolve. Ensure your clients are prepared for the need for full compliance by HMRC.

Breaking through the 1 percent barrier

15 September 2015

Over the last three to five years, the median cost of a finance department has been quoted as being anywhere between just below, to just over 1%.

Charity Financial Statements - Top Ten Common Errors
Nick Sladden

14 September 2015

Charity financial statements are a specialist area and it is easy to make mistakes. In this series we will be briefly highlighting what we believe are the top 10 errors charities can sometimes make when preparing their financial statements.

Grants and contracts – avoiding accounting and VAT pitfalls

14 September 2015

As funders over the years have responded to the need for greater scrutiny and accountability for the use of their funding, the underlying agreements have become increasingly complex.

UK situs trust assets – offshore trustees caught in UK tax net!
Gary Heynes

11 September 2015

The UK tax net may be wider than perhaps thought, catching out unsuspecting offshore trustees holding UK situs assets. What are the main traps to be aware of?

Business property relief
Gary Heynes

11 September 2015

Business owners and investors should ensure they qualify for one of the most valuable tax reliefs, allowing them to pass on their business free of inheritance tax.

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