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RSM is a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services to middle market leaders across the UK and globally with an office in Basingstoke.


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UK property tax complexities for overseas investors

Changes in the UK and international tax landscape have meant that the UK is no longer seen as a clear choice to purchase real estate.

Private Residence Relief - All Change

Arguably one of the most important and generous reliefs from UK capital gains tax (CGT) is the exemption available for the disposal of an individual’s home. In straight forward cases where someone owns one property which they have always lived in for the whole period of their ownership any gain arising is completely exempt from a CGT charge. However modern life is never that simple.

Statutory audit

By getting to know your business, our enthusiastic audit team will be able to apply our rigorous approach and deep knowledge to your circumstances.

Indirect tax deadlines

● Adjustments to output VAT - 1 September 2019
● Making tax digital (MTD) for VAT – complex businesses - 1 October 2019
● New VAT reverse charge for building and construction services - 1 October 2020

Accounting and business advisory

Do you need advice and support to prepare your statutory and management accounts? Would you appreciate guidance on how to present your financials and forecast performance? Are you looking for help to look ahead strategically? We can provide it all.


Whatever stage you’re at in your career, make your next step really count. Take a look through our current vacancies for support, advisory and accountancy jobs, and let us help you realise your potential.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be used to deliver both tactical improvements in productivity or efficiency and as an enabler to real strategic transformation. Find out how here.

Continuous improvement (Lean)

More than a tool box, Lean and Six Sigma can be a strategy for business success. RSM Consulting’s Change and Transformation team will help you deliver sustainable change that sets you apart.

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