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Attracting investment - growing food and drink brands

17 September 2020

Our round table event will focus on attracting private equity investment in the food and drink industry, the key things to consider when building a food or drink brand, and developing an exit strategy.

Pressure on landlords will increase says RSM as extension of moratorium against commercial evictions gets rubber stamp
Damian Webb

17 September 2020

Today the government extended its moratorium on commercial tenant evictions to December 2020 in a bid to protect jobs. The move will likely further deepen divisions between high street tenants and landlords.

Low levels of insolvency figures in August mask soaring redundancies and companies unable to pay make redundancy payments
Gareth Harris

16 September 2020

The UK insolvency statistics for August 2020 show that corporate insolvency levels remain at very low levels, some 43 percent lower than in August 2019 (1,369 August 2019, 778 August 2020).

RSM strengthens East Midlands accounting and business advisory team
Kevin Harris

15 September 2020

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has further strengthened its East Midlands team with the appointment of Ruth Chapman as a partner.

Weekly tax brief | 15 September 2020

15 September 2020

This week's articles are 'Could the Chancellor’s CGT plan backfire?', 'More difficulties created by the Trust Registration Service', 'HMRC seeks backdated VAT on early termination fees and compensation payments', 'CJRS Enforcement ', 'HMRC CJRS U-turn could result in many claims being miscalculated', 'Government’s duty-free shopping cutbacks have angered retailers' and 'HMRC’s information gathering powers are expanding further'.

HMRC’s information gathering powers are expanding further

15 September 2020

HMRC may soon be able to demand information from financial institutions without taxpayer or tribunal permission. These new powers could allow HMRC to demand complex information, which is difficult and expensive for institutions to collect, with no right to appeal against a request.

Government’s duty-free shopping cutbacks have angered retailers

15 September 2020

In a post Brexit shake up of duty and tax-free shopping for travellers, the government has announced that VAT free sales of non-excise goods, such as electronics and clothing, at ports and airports will end on 1 January 2021. The allowances for bringing back alcohol and tobacco from EU member states will also be drastically cut.

HMRC CJRS U-turn could result in many claims being miscalculated

15 September 2020

On 11th September HMRC announced a change to the rules on CJRS claims for those who return to work from furlough mid a claim period, which applies from 14th September. The legislation for the scheme from 1st July was issued on 25th June, and many employers and advisers did not initially understand that under the Treasury Direction, anyone who was furloughed under this version was in fact technically flexi-furloughed.

HMRC seeks backdated VAT on early termination fees and compensation payments

15 September 2020

HMRC’s new policy on cancellation fees and early termination charges threatens telecoms and motor vehicle finance businesses with backdated VAT assessments, and the risk may spill over into compensation payments in other sectors. Has HMRC overreached its authority, and how can businesses protect their position?

CJRS Enforcement

15 September 2020

HMRC furlough compliance is now underway. The HMRC mantra is: No one who has tried to do the right thing, but made an honest mistake, has any need to be concerned, as long as they put it right.

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