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RSM Financial Conditions Index: Financial Conditions Remain Stout Despite Delta Variant Risks to the Outlook
Joe Brusuelas

10 August 2021

The RSM UK Financial Conditions Index stands just below one standard deviation above neutral implying conditions are ripe for a robust recovery of the UK economy heading into the latter portion of 2021 and economic expansion in 2022.

Green list expansion delivers hope for travel sector, but is it too little, too late?
Damian Webb

05 August 2021

Damian Webb, restructuring partner at RSM responds to the latest review of the travel traffic light lists.

Stamp duty relief has supercharged property market and wiped out tax savings for buyers, says RSM
Chris Etherington

04 August 2021

Residential property transactions in Q2 2021 were 9 per cent higher than in Q1 2021, and 175 per cent higher than in Q2 2020, as purchasers tried to complete by 30 June 2021 to avoid paying additional Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Health Matters: Using data to drive personalised care better patient outcomes and reduce costs
Clive Makombera

23 July 2021

How could digital developments revolutionise the way health care operates in the UK? Read our article to discover how the use of data to drive personalised care, better patient outcomes and reduce costs, could see dramatic enhancements to patient experience.

Is the NHS still an attractive employer?
David Gibbens

23 July 2021

Despite a year of unprecedented pressure on the NHS, the sector has been able to adapt to demands. It now has a great opportunity to look forward and assess its people strategy to ensure it can continue to adapt. In addition to supporting our NHS clients by mitigating people risks through audit, our HR client services are enabling healthcare organisations to focus on priority areas such as culture, wellbeing, recruitment, and retention. Please read our article and discover if it is time to rethink how the NHS can attract and select staff.

UK lending market: Winners and losers
Matt Haw

08 July 2021

It has been good news for businesses across the UK with lending having increased hugely over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. However, segments of the market have fared differently - creating winners and losers.

A re-evaluation: the impact of coronavirus on the UK lending market
Greg Moreton

08 July 2021

We conducted a survey of lending professionals to determine the appetite of the UK market during coronavirus. Watch our webinar and explore our key findings for an in-depth breakdown and analysis.

Who do employment businesses employ under a contract of service and why does this matter
Carolyn Brown

30 June 2021

Who do employment businesses employ under a contract of service?

What people issues do recruiters need to consider over the coming months?
Kerri Constable

29 June 2021

As UK businesses follow the coronavirus roadmap, we have summarised some key people issues for recruitment businesses to consider.

Vulnerable tenants must be protected, while landlord’s obligations need to be recognised says RSM
Stacy Eden

24 June 2021

Stacy Eden, partner and co-head of real estate and construction at RSM, comments on the government’s announcement to extend a ban on commercial evictions until March 2022.


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