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RSM calls for re-think of plan to restore Crown Preference while SMEs and lenders already feel financial strain
Tyrone Courtman

21 September 2020

RSM is calling for a re-think of HMRC plans to restore Crown Preference. The leading audit, tax and consulting firm feels the move puts SMEs and lenders under further financial pressure at a time when they are particularly stretched by the pandemic.

HMRC CJRS U-turn could result in many claims being miscalculated

15 September 2020

On 11th September HMRC announced a change to the rules on CJRS claims for those who return to work from furlough mid a claim period, which applies from 14th September. The legislation for the scheme from 1st July was issued on 25th June, and many employers and advisers did not initially understand that under the Treasury Direction, anyone who was furloughed under this version was in fact technically flexi-furloughed.

UK businesses show signs of tension as Brexit looms again
Simon Hart

14 September 2020

RSM’s UK Brexit Stress Index nudged up for the first time since the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown, ushering in the first signs in nearly seven months that the risk of no-deal trade talks with the EU is generating increased nervousness within business.

Independent Schools COVID-19 Toolkit
Nick Sladden

11 September 2020

As we begin to prepare for a post coronavirus world, we are taking a look at the uncertainty in the independent school sector and the impact it has had.

Virtual roundtable for automotive manufacturers

01 September 2020

We are hosting a virtual round table forum specifically for automotive manufacturers at 12.30pm on Wednesday 16 September.

UK car manufacturing is at tipping point and needs support similar to property and hospitality sectors
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

27 August 2020

The upturn in July’s figures for car production by 51 per cent compared to June is welcome news for the industry. However, with year on year production down 40 nearly per cent, the industry remains at a tipping point and in need of urgent targeted Government support.

Last chance to make a SEISS claim

18 August 2020

The Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) aims to help those who are adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis and cannot run their business or earn as normal. It is significantly different to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) which operates for employed individuals. Those who want to make a claim should not delay.

Insolvencies lower than last year due to government support, but debt is increasing dramatically
Gareth Harris

14 August 2020

Despite the what is now officially a recession, a wave of money and government support totalling over £83bn (furlough and loan schemes only) is still keeping UK companies afloat, but corporate debt levels are soaring as a result.

Can a Will be witnessed via Zoom?
Sophie St John

13 August 2020

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of people are making Wills. Read more to find out how, from September 2020, UK law will be changing to enable your Will to be witnessed online.

Tax breaks plough £1.11 billion back into the creative industries
Matt Appleton

13 August 2020

New statistics published today by HMRC reveal a total of £1.11 billion was paid out in 2019/20 in tax reliefs for the creative sector. This represents a significant increase of £30 million compared to last year.

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