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CJRS 4: are further tweaks to the system just window-dressing?
Carolyn Brown

27 April 2021

Every employer furloughing from May must check and, if necessary, recalculate the reference pay of their variable paid furloughed staff - a substantial task for businesses not yet able to fully open, and for sectors still unable to operate. This looks like window-dressing by government.

Mitigating the impact of online fraud during coronavirus
Mark Wilson

27 April 2021

Economic turbulence stimulated by the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in online fraud activity, safeguarding your business from this risk has never been more important.

Major change to variable paid employees’ CJRS grant claims calculations from 1 May 2021
Carolyn Brown

23 April 2021

From 1 May 2021 there will be a major change to CJRS for variable paid furloughed employees. Ensure you use the right calculations so that your claims for May 2021 onwards are valid.

Job retention scheme
Carolyn Brown

16 April 2021

On 22 March 2020 the Chancellor announced a new job retention scheme for all UK employers whatever their size. It operates instead of redundancy or lay off.

How has coronavirus affected the social housing sector?
Keith Ward

25 March 2021

Find out how services for social housing residents and value for money initiatives have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Can an employer dismiss an employee for failing to wear a face mask?
Carolyn Brown

12 March 2021

A recent tribunal has thrown into question whether an employer can dismiss an employee for failing to wear a face mask. Do your policies need updating?

RSM calls for industry specific support for the travel and tourism sector
Ian Bell

15 February 2021

The ONS’ latest report tracking the effect of Coronavirus on the UK travel and tourism industry highlights the incredible impact the first two lockdowns had on the sector.

Corporate insolvencies to double in 2021, targeted action is needed warns RSM
Gareth Harris

11 February 2021

RSM predicts a doubling of corporate insolvency in 2021, or in the 12 months after Government support is wound down; and sustained levels of corporate insolvencies 15-20 per cent higher than the previous years (2017-2019) for up to three years.

Supply chain risk management – the practical steps
Paul Dowell

09 February 2021

What practical steps can you take to mitigate supply chain risks and how can you react to disruption? We explore a few possible scenarios and the options at your disposal to put together your supply chain risk management strategy.

Monitoring your key supply chain risks
Graham Bushby

09 February 2021

The world is changing quickly and businesses need to remain one step ahead. Regularly conducting a supply chain risk assessment will ensure minimal disruption to operations. What measures can you take and what technology is available to help you along the way?


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