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Fears rise among mid-market businesses about no deal Brexit
Simon Hart

12 March 2019

Middle market business are becoming increasingly alarmed about the impact of a no deal Brexit according to a new survey by leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM.

Countdown to Brexit – VAT and customs duty preparations

09 March 2019

With less than three weeks until the UK leaves the EU, HMRC has been releasing guidance and legislation that anticipates a no-deal Brexit. It is apparent that, so far as possible, the Government wants to make the transition as painless as possible. To take advantage of the Government’s spirit of cooperation, businesses must act now.

Brexit VAT recovery for financial services providers; but is there sufficient scrutiny of Brexit legislation?

08 March 2019

New legislation will bring the VAT treatment of supplies of financial services to EU customers into line with the treatment that applies to supplies made to customers in the rest of the world. This will ensure that UK companies compete for business in the EU on an even footing with companies in other non-EU countries. But is there sufficient Parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit legislation?

Are doublespeak and Brexit fatigue delaying Making Tax Digital?

07 March 2019

Many in the UK are suffering from Brexit fatigue. Will Brexit happen at the end of March or won’t it? Is general uncertainty about what the end of March might bring affecting business enthusiasm for MTD? And is the language of official statements making it worse, not better?

Brexit and the impact on VAT

06 March 2019

With only a few weeks to go and still no sign of an agreement between the UK and the EU, many tax authorities are gearing up for a no-deal Brexit; but how do middle-market businesses improve their readiness for a no-deal Brexit?

Official caution: Government assessment of UK financial services’ readiness for no-deal Brexit

01 March 2019

The Government has published a summary of the financial services industry's readiness for a no-deal Brexit, and has advised that it is broadly unprepared.

Late Tax return fines – or unexpected Brexit consequence #1138

28 February 2019

The news that HMRC may not issue its 2017/18 tax return fines until late April 2019 has been blamed on – yes you've guessed it – Brexit. So will this be the default excuse for everything this year?

UK companies and LLPs could lose limited liability status in the event of a no deal Brexit
Simon Hart

28 February 2019

Simon Hart, lead Brexit partner at RSM, said: ‘Hidden in the detailed no deal technical notice for structuring your business is a seemingly innocuous paragraph which could lead to the limited liability status of UK companies and LLPs not being recognised in some EU jurisdictions in the event of a no deal Brexit.'

Government sounds alarm over lack of business preparedness for no deal Brexit
Brad Ashton

27 February 2019

The publication today of a Government report entitled Implications for Business and Trade of a No Deal Exit has highlighted that tens of thousands of businesses may be unprepared to continue to trade with the EU post-Brexit.

Popping the Brexit bubble

25 February 2019

Surprisingly, Brexit isn’t expected to have a drastic impact on the real estate industry, with the ever-growing Brexit threat doing little to dampen property power.