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Markets show signs of settling as delayed exit increases short term certainty
Simon Hart

29 October 2019

Stress in the UK financial markets diminished further at close of markets prior to the weekend, reflecting the likelihood that the EU would agree to delay Brexit. Indeed, yesterday the EU rubber-stamped a 31 January 2020 deadline thereby making the October 31 do-or-die date null and void.

The Withdrawal Agreement; what do we know?

22 October 2019

We look ahead to what the post-transition arrangements will look like, if and when Great Britain leaves the VAT Union and the UK (including Northern Ireland) leaves the EU Customs Union.

VAT, customs duty and trade in a no-deal Brexit

19 October 2019

Explore the immediate tax issues relating to VAT, customs duty and trade that an organisation can recognise in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and our advice on how to prepare for this outcome.

Foreign exchange market gives vote of confidence to new Johnson/EU deal
Simon Hart

18 October 2019

Boris Johnson and the EU reached a new Brexit deal in last minute talks yesterday (Thursday), giving reassurance to the foreign exchange market and a last-minute boost to the equity market.

RSM Brexit Stress Index eases amid Northern Ireland progress
Simon Hart

14 October 2019

The RSM Brexit Stress Index saw a marked destressing this week after talks between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Republic of Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar indicated a ‘pathway towards an agreement’.

EU social security and a no-deal Brexit

10 October 2019

Current EU rules ensure employers and their cross-border workers only pay social security contributions (such as National Insurance contributions, or ‘NIC’) in one country at a time. However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the coordination between the UK and the EU is set to end.

Brexit delays VAT simplification

09 October 2019

The latest report from the Office of Tax Simplification reveals that, while there has been some progress on VAT reform, the bigger question around the VAT threshold remains unresolved.

RSM Brexit Stress Index rises amid Bank of England caution
Simon Hart

23 September 2019

The RSM Brexit Stress Index rose slightly last week despite conciliatory tones regarding proposals for a Northern Ireland economic zone and seemingly more open dialogue towards renegotiation from Brussels.

Brexit deal or no deal – are you ready?

18 September 2019

To say it’s been a chaotic few months (or years) at Westminster might be seen as an understatement. Nonetheless we are now just over 40 days away from leaving the European Union with a deal, leaving without a deal or agreeing to yet another extension.

RSM Brexit Stress Index eases slightly
Simon Hart

18 September 2019

The RSM Brexit Stress Index eased last week, as Parliament took additional steps to prevent a no deal exit from the European Union.