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RSM Stress Index levels out once again in lead up to EU elections
Simon Hart

23 May 2019

As at 23 May the RSM Brexit Stress Index, a measure of Brexit-related economic volatility, finished the week at 0.36 compared to 0.34 last week, indicating no change in the mood of the market. Last week’s moderate jump in stress levels for the first time in weeks was thought to potentially represent the start of a more consistent rise in stress levels, but this trend has not yet materialised.

RSM Stress Index inches up to reflect mild mood change in markets
Simon Hart

15 May 2019

The RSM Stress Index, a measure of Brexit-related economic volatility, inched up again this week after two consecutive weeks of flatlining and low stress. The index finished the week at 0.34 points above zero, marginally up from last week’s 0.02.

Beyond Brexit – insight on trade, Brexit, and economic headwinds

07 May 2019

Picking up on the RSM series of events in 2018, Simon Hart (RSM UK) and Joe Brusuelas (RSM US) will be considering topics relating to Brexit, European issues, emerging markets, trade agreements and economic insights that will be of interest to middle market business leaders.

More friction not less: recovering VAT on goods entering the UK

07 May 2019

From 15 July this year some businesses holding all the usual import VAT evidence may be refused the right to recover import VAT because they do not own the goods in question at the point at which the UK import declaration is submitted. While toll (or contract) manufacturers have been singled out in newly published guidance, this change could be a nasty shock for many other UK organisations importing goods into the country.

RSM Stress Index drops again as economic strain eases
Simon Hart

25 April 2019

The RSM Stress Index, a measure of Brexit-related economic volatility, has continued its downward trajectory finishing 0.16 points below zero.

Brexit and Scotland’s Future statement
Alex Tait

25 April 2019

Alex Tait, RSM’s regional managing partner for Scotland and Northern Ireland comments on the Brexit and Scotland’s Future statement from Scotland’s First Minister.

Latest Stress Index indicates conditions in UK that could favour short to medium term economic growth
Simon Hart

The RSM Brexit Stress Index revealed a decline to 0.08 from 0.41 the week prior, largely due to the likely extension to October 31 for the UK’s departure from the European Union. Consequently the risk of an immediate no-deal Brexit may have abated.

Strain on UK economy falls with reduced probability of hard Brexit according to RSM’s latest Stress Index findings
Simon Hart

09 April 2019

RSM’s proprietary Brexit Stress Index showed that the heightened strain in the UK economy as a result of a possible hard Brexit has fallen.

RSM Brexit Stress Index a non-mover as parliament’s next move awaits
Simon Hart

01 April 2019

RSM’s Brexit Stress Index remains largely unchanged from last week’s more dramatic near-30 per cent rise in overall stress levels in the UK economy.

Beyond Brexit: getting the domestic economy moving again

27 March 2019

Whatever may follow Wednesday’s crucial ‘indicative’ votes in Parliament, planning for the post Brexit economic environment is long overdue.