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The deluge of disruption and interruption to the UK economy is poised to continue into 2023. It is now very likely the UK is already in a recession, one that will likely last until late in the year, as the cost-of-living crisis, cost-of-borrowing crisis and inflation pressures hit both consumer and customer spending. 

Crisis management may be the ‘new normal’ for UK businesses – but how well prepared is the UK’s middle market for the oncoming consequences of the recession? 

In our latest topical survey, we asked our panel of middle market business leaders about their preparations for the recession, their spending plans and where they are going to feel the pain over the next year. 

For the full findings, read our Business Resilience report.

Is the post-pandemic era the end of hyper globalisation?

The world is entering the post-pandemic era. Have we also entered the era of post-globalisation? 

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The technology layoffs: how did we get here?

Big-Tech giants are making workforce cuts, what will they mean for the rest of the sector? And for rest of the middle market?

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The real economy

The Real Economy

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