The Middle Market Business Index

RSM's Middle Market Business Index (MMBI) was created in partnership with The Harris Poll and Moody's Analytics to provide a forward-looking source of information about every aspect of The Real Economy.

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Business Resilience | The Real Economy

Business Resilience Report

Business Resilience | The Real Economy

The UK economy is likely entering into a recession. We asked our panel of middle market business leaders how prepared they feel for the on coming difficulties. 
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The Real Economy reports 

These reports use real time data from the heart of the middle market, alongside expert commentary and analysis from sector experts at RSM UK to provide an insight into the UK’s economic driving force – the middle market.  

 Digital transformation

Digital Transformation Report

 Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a key investment for the mid-market. Read our analysis of how businesses are using data analytics and adapting their digital strategies to the current climate.

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Global Supply Chains Report

Our latest report compares our most recent topical survey of over 400 middle market business leaders with what our experts are seeing in the market. The good news is there’s still reason for optimism and opportunities.

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Cyber Security Report

The changing cyber threat landscape presents a serious risk to the middle market. Explore the key threats to the middle market and what businesses are doing to protect themselves in our cyber security report.

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Real Economy Climate Change

Climate change

This edition of The Real Economy looks at the middle market’s role in managing climate change and how business leaders are responding. Find out where the middle market is focusing its efforts and what the opportunities for growth are.

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In this edition of The Real Economy, our experts discuss the ESG landscape and how the middle market is embracing the new opportunity. Find out why awareness in the middle market is not higher and how ESG is shaping the business world here. 

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Infrastructure Report

Our latest report looks at the current state of the UK’s infrastructure. Find out which improvements the middle market is calling for and why infrastructure will underpin the country’s economic recovery.

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How to keep your workforce engaged and supported | The Real Economy | The Modern Workforce

The Modern Workforce Report

Our Workforce report looks at the recruitment challenges the middle market is currently facing and how morale of the UKs workforce has fared since the pandemic hit the UK.

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Economic insights 

Our experts give their commentary and predictions on what is to come for the UK middle market and provide an economic update from the US and the UK.  

Economic voice


Economic voice

The middle market drives the UK’s economy. Discover all the economic information and insight you need to stay competitive, and to ensure that your business strategy takes account of all the latest market developments.


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Essential 6: Economic update

In this episode, Joe Brusuelas, RSM Chief Economist and Simon Hart, RSM UK lead international partner discuss the latest economic indicators impacting business. 

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