New business lists

Generate new, pre-qualified marketing lists with Tracker, making you confident that your targets are financially secure and your efforts are more likely to be productive.

Avoiding risk is valuable, but businesses thrive on good news rather than by simply avoiding bad news. Tracker gives you a transformational marketing and new business tool, enabling you to generate your own pre-qualified marketing lists. When weighing up a new client or monitoring your business-critical suppliers, it's pivotal that you're able to see up-to-date credit scores. Tracker rates all businesses, using trusted data sources together to provide a single, credit score. You can therefore be confident that you are targeting financially sound businesses, cutting your marketing costs and focusing your efforts on productive activities.

Without Tracker, many organisations resort to a range of different data sources to create a list that contains names, addresses, turnover, sectors and other specific financial information. Tracker can provide all the data you will ever need in one place.

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