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Helping your finance function prepare for the future through our powerful planning, budgeting and forecasting software

To find success in today’s uncertain economy, it is critical that businesses take measures to plan and then monitor against the delivery of those plans. However, due to a reliance on antiquated or inappropriate technologies to run their planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting processes, many organisations find that they are unable to easily support their corporate strategy or growth plans.

By combining our corporate performance management expertise with the leading financial reporting software platform, Planful (formally 'Host Analytics'), RSM is able to partner with your organisation to achieve your business objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Partnering with Planful and RSM will result in you spending less time in spreadsheets and more time making faster, more strategic business decisions. 

An award winning planning, budgeting and financial forecasting software platform

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The features and benefits of Planful EPM software


Budgeting and forecasting: Shorten your organisation’s planning and forecasting cycle times by up to 50 per cent

With Planful you can automate your financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes. Leverage pre-built, good-practice templates or build your own planning templates to meet the financial, workforce, capital planning needs of  your organisation. Support continuous planning with rolling forecasts and driver-based planning, to keep up to the pace of your business.


Consolidation tools: Reduce your average time to close by up to 75 per cent with automated processes and workflow management

Planful's consolidation tools accelerate and automate your financial close, compliance, and reporting processes. You can easily connect data from multiple systems across your organisation. Whether your company has more than one general ledger, plans to acquire another company, leverages global currencies, or is preparing for an external audit, you can benefit from Planful's powerful consolidation software features. 


Financial modelling: Connect your operational models, financial models, and your financial plan

Planful's financial modelling features allow you to create and connect operational and financial models that align and link with your financial plans and forecasts. If you update business driver assumptions in one model you will see the impact on all associated models as well as your financial plan. Using driver-based assumptions specific to your business, and unlimited dimensions within models, you can increase business agility and drive actionable insight throughout your organisation.


Business performance analysis: Dramatically simplify your financial and management reporting from a single source of information

By centralising financial and operational data, leveraging self-service, dynamic and interactive reporting, users can quickly and easily generate financial, ad-hoc, management and even board reports that are dynamic and always up to date. The software enables smoother collaboration and allows you to drill down through live, accurate, interactive and financial reports.

Planful dashboard

Visualise your financial data with self-service, interactive dashboards

Planful offers powerful visualisation and interactive dashboards for both financial and non-financial data. This helps you keep an eye on key metrics that drive your business performance. The financial dashboard shows leading as well as lagging indicators - so you can easily spot trends, identify performance gaps, and stay ahead of your business problems.

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Download our Planful brochure

Planful and RSM provide a single, cloud-based EPM platform with everything you need - planning, consolidation, modeling, reporting, and analytics - in one place and accessible to everyone from anywhere. Find out more about the platform, and how it can help your organisation by downloading our literature.

Download our Planful brochure

Business challenges that the Planful platform can help your organisation with

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A disjointed planning process


Manually intensive and time consuming financial processes

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Multiple versions of data sources and limited access / visibility

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Non-standard and inconsistent financial data

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You are looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Planful provides the structure to align corporate strategy with the execution of business operations, improving cash forecasting and budgetary control.
Planful automates and reduces the time to collect data, develop budgets, consolidate financial results and generate reports.
Planful draws from a ‘single source of truth’, reducing the risk of errors, improving reporting and providing greater insight into your financial status.
By using the reporting facilities built into the heart of Planful, managers are able to review standardised financial reports and dashboards, with an agreed set of metrics, across the organisation.
Planful standardises and automates the planning, statutory and management reporting process right across the organisation, enabling companies to develop capabilities that allow finance to proactively support business performance.

Corporate performance management services from one of the largest business advisory firms in the UK


In order to support companies who are looking to transform their businesses into digitally enabled ones, we offer full transformation support. This includes advisory, implementation and support services for fully integrated, cloud based CPM solutions. We can help you assess, prepare and implement a practical action plan to improve your corporate performance management processes and associated software tools.

By working with us your finance teams can become more strategic and forward-thinking by controlling costs, driving growth and being able to rapidly adapt to market changes.

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