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Since 2009 we have been helping UK and Global recruitment businesses achieve a smooth-running back office with our cloud-based pay and bill solution, InTime. InTime streamlines timesheet and expense capture and approval, automates billing and payroll, reduces timesheet and payroll queries and provides greater visibility and control throughout the pay and bill process.

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Self-service functionality offers greater savings and process efficiencies for your business as it frees more time in areas such as query management, identifying placement errors, conflict resolution, reporting and administrative tasks. In summary, InTime provides greater transparency for all participants of the pay and bill process. Furthermore these features provide a sales differentiator when pitching for new business.

InTime timesheet capture and approval

Multiple methods of timesheet and expense capture and approval to suit all agencies

InTime timesheet capture and approval

Multiple methods to suit your business. 

Timesheets can be imported either online or on mobile, batch imports from third party suppliers (vendor management systems) or automatic upload of paper timesheets. We then offer online, mobile and email approval giving you the flexibility to keep your business moving on the go. 

Features and benefits of InTime pay & bill software

InTime real time reporting

Real-time reports providing you with greater visibility across your business

Intime generates real-time reports to show you missing timesheets, margins and forecasting – giving you a quick and accurate window on your business and financial performance.

InTime compliance

Reduce administrative burden and risks of non compliance with our in system compliance modules

InTime offers features to help you comply with regulations such as RTI, auto-enrolment and intermediary reporting. We also offer other compliance tools such as our onboarding module (e-contract packs) and AWR compliance monitoring. Our automatic audit trail feature gives you clear oversight across your data records and documentation.

InTime paperless e billing

Our paperless working keeps everything in one secure place

Our e-billing automatically generates your invoices with supporting documents attached and electronically delivers them to your customers. Payslips are also sent out via our cloud-based portal. Paperless working reduces time and space used to allow you to focus on other areas of your business.

InTime scalability

Scalable solution to support agencies of any size

Our system is scalable and grows with your business, whether your requirements are global capabilities or having a multi tenancy platform for agency groups with multiple divisions.

InTime timesheet adjustment wizard

Make adjustments to incorrect data quickly and efficiently

The timesheet adjustment wizard allows fast and easy adjustments to time or pay and charge rates, with speedy generation of credits and re-invoicing.

InTime self service portals

Online portals providing self-service for every user

Agency branded self-service portals for all participants in the pay & bill process offer greater visibility and control for your contactors, clients and agency departments.

InTime pay & bill software stats and facts



Billing value

Billing value


Agency clients





Over three million timesheets being processed through InTime every year.

Our clients are collectively billing more than £3bn through our pay & bill system.

We have over 400 recruitment agency clients using our InTime software.

There are over 500,000 registered users currently using our system.

Over 300,000 users log-in to our system.

InTime advanced tools

Advanced tools available for larger agencies with complex requirements

InTime advanced tools

Additional functionality is available for larger agencies and includes PO tracking and enforcement, comprehensive billing features including on-cost adjustments and invoice templates, and custom report builder as well as much more. Click the link below for a full list of our additional functionality in our Intime brochure.

Logos for Bullhorn, Pump, sirenum, oracle net suite, jobadder

Software partnerships

Logos for Bullhorn, Pump, sirenum, oracle net suite, jobadder

Seamless integration with leading CRM software

By seamlessly integrating our software with the leading ATS/CRM and ERP systems it means that you never need to compromise on quality or functionality, always getting the right solution for your business. We are continuously working to bring on new partnerships to meet our customers requirements for their technology stack. Our current integration partners include Bullhorn, Pump, Sirenum, JobAdderNetsuite and Business Central.

What our clients are saying about InTime pay & bill software

The curve group
'Throughout our relationship with RSM they have been great at understanding our specific business challenges and providing timely and practical solutions. We are constantly looking to develop our client and contractor services and we highly value a partner who has the same attitude.'
'Using InTime has completely turned around our processes. We now use the Self Bill processing, which has really streamlined our payroll. Also by having everything online we no longer have the need for paper timesheets, this means no more filing. This has greatly reduced the time it takes to run our payroll. We find InTime’s flexibility around reporting functions and multiple search facilities allow us to gain any information we need - quickly'
'We chose RSM as the InTime product was the closest fit to our requirements and had the flexibility to be developed to meet our unique requirements. Both the systems and support are efficient and reliable.  Our queries are dealt with promptly and accurately. RSM understand our business requirements and I feel this is further helped by face to face consultation where required.  We know RSM have long term stability and as such are not subject to company changes that could cause issue for Waterman Aspen.'
'Our processes aren’t always conventional, and often challenging, but RSM are helpful and always willing to listen to help find a solution. The Support team are really helpful on a day to day basis. We can use the system internally as well so it works across our business, it really has changed our way of working and moved our business forward.'

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