Outsource your payroll

Outsourcing your payroll

Outsourcing your payroll is one of the most efficient ways to reduce costs and time.

You can gain from the many advantages outsourcing offers, including working with experienced, fully qualified professionals, speeding up the process itself, and ensuring accuracy of delivery whilst remaining compliant with the latest legislative requirements.

Why RSM?

We take the time to understand how your business works, which means our team can deliver what you need, in the way you want it.

We increase efficiency and reduce cost through automated processes and offering integration with your systems.

What we offer
Why outsource your payroll


Protecting your payroll data         

One of the most important tasks in a business’ day to day running is the payment of their employees. We have identified six ways that employers can improve the accuracy and protection of payroll information.

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Brexit middle market monitor

GDPR - what payroll managers need to know

Becoming compliant is business critical as penalties of up €20m or 4 per cent of your annual turnover (globally) can be served on employers who breach the GDPR.

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HR employee lifecycle

PAYE tax rates, NMW and auto-enrolment contributions

Our guide gives an overview of the PAYE tax rates and thresholds in Scotland and the rest of the UK, NMW rates from 1 April 2018, and the new minimum auto-enrolment contribution rates from 5 April 2018.

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Employment Matters - Payroll seminar

The payroll environment has never been straightforward, but over the coming months there are even more changes on the horizon.

Join us for our next seminar which will be taking place on Wednesday 14 March 2018.