Yi Zheng joined RSM UK Consulting in July 2022 after transferring from the audit practice in RSM. She has engaged with clients in a wide range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, retail, construction, and higher education.

Yi helps clients to understand the opportunities presented by becoming a sustainable organisation and to identify viable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

Yi has a PhD in environment and sustainability from the University of Surrey and an MSc in carbon management from the University of Edinburgh. Her studies focused on the sharing economy and she conducted an impact assessment on different business models in the transport and mobility sector.

Her experience includes quantifying carbon emissions based on the greenhouse gas protocol and presenting at international conferences on sustainability.

I love being an ESG consultant because part of the job is helping organisations to deal with the unknown and manage risk. Climate change affects all of us, and I’m grateful that through my work I can be directly involved in protecting and improving our environment and our lives.

Outside of work, Yi enjoys a casual photo walk on the weekends – her photography is particularly focused on the way people interact with both the natural and built environments.

Yi's RSM timeline:

  • 2022: Transferred to RSM Consulting ESG Team
  • 2021: Joined RSM Audit Team