Vinod has over 20 years’ experience advising UK and multinational groups with their corporate tax affairs. He specialises in supporting organisations on tax-efficiently structuring their intangible property ownership and broader business model and supply chains. This includes supporting groups with restructuring in response to changes in commercial direction and international expansion, as well as supporting them with third party transactions, such as commercial collaborations, joint ventures, and mergers or acquisitions.

The work I do requires me to really understand a business and its key value drivers. It is always interesting hearing a passionate business talk about their unique offering and how they are looking to grow and expand, especially ones that are at the cutting edge of innovation.

In his spare time, Vinod enjoys foraging and experimenting with food – inspired by the unique restaurants he visits around the world. He claims that his artisan sourdough bread is now a family favourite, but his experimentation with fermentation is going to take a bit more time!