Paul is part of our funds services team providing advice and reporting services encompassing all aspects of a private equity house’s business including SPVs, fund vehicles, general partner entities, carried interest, manager entities and execs’ personal tax affairs.  His focus is on the interactions between deal dynamics, fund economics, the fee arrangements and carried interest allocations, ensuring the right outcomes for the different stake holders and quality reporting through the structures.  Paul assists with fund inception, through investment and divestment periods to carry distributions and fund wind up, building long term relationships throughout.

After 21 years in the ‘big 4’ advising private equity houses on all aspects of varied fund structures Paul joined RSM in December 2018 to focus on the mid-market. A segment where his experience and knowledge adds significant value while continuing to throw up new challenges and opportunities. Recent work on salaried member rules, DIMF, carry changes, corporate loss restrictions, hybrid rules, interest deduction restrictions, deemed domicile and partnership reporting manages to both keep things interesting and demonstrate the need for deep specialist knowledge in this market.