Paul Callum

Associate Director, ESG


Paul is the Associate Director at RSM UK in the ESG team. He works with SMEs, corporations and the public sector and supports clients in managing their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.

His specialist areas include modern slavery, dealing with workplace sexual harassment, safeguarding, governance and ESG strategy development.

Using our in-house software, InsightGRC, he created online ESG assessments that help businesses to start their ESG journey, understand their material ESG risks and opportunities, and start a programme of continuous improvement.

As an ex-head of public protection, Paul has brought his experience from the vulnerable adult agenda to develop service offerings on modern slavery and sexual harassment, which combine traditional consultancy support with technological solutions to support clients’ needs and protect vulnerable people.

Paul says,:

"I have spent my whole career helping people and working with communities. Teamwork, collaboration, trust, friendship, and fun get me out of bed in the morning, and I like to bring all of that into my work with clients and colleagues.

I enjoy working with businesses of all sizes and I am particularly keen to support new businesses to thrive, having recently collaborated with a community interest company called Subtle Speaks to develop the ‘Safer Dance’ initiative and to coach and mentor Jack and Sam, who created the movement."

A dedicated family man, Paul has four daughters, a son and two grandchildren, so life is busy. When not kneading dough for ‘Friday pizza night’ for his ever-expanding group of family diners, he loves socialising and spending time with his wife. Paul is always available for a nice meal, the theatre or a trip to the pub.

Paul's RSM timeline:

  • 2021: Joined RSM as Associate Director, ESG
  • 2016: Set up own business, RWS Ltd, working with businesses to support ESG programmes and started sub-contracting for RSM in 2021
  • 2016: Retired as Detective Superintendent after 30-year police career as a senior detective