Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett Consulting Director

Nigel helps organisations become more capable of delivering their bids, projects, programmes and portfolios effectively and efficiently. He is responsible for overseeing and delivering capability and maturity services based on Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®), assessing the competency of project managers using knowledge and experience based competency models such as the APM’s Competence Framework, and providing assurance to clients that their projects, programmes and portfolios are on track to deliver their outputs, outcomes and benefits. The results for clients are increased confidence among senior executives and stakeholders, and an increase in business performance.

Nigel has worked with clients within several sectors including developing global bid and project management frameworks for organisations in the IT, manufacturing and healthcare sectors, assessing capability in the transport, nuclear decommissioning and central government sectors, and reviewing individual competency in the manufacturing sector. Before joining RSM, Nigel had a hands on project management career, culminating as a principal project manager for an IT organisation providing best practice ownership, assurance and training services, portfolio oversight and practice management globally.

Nigel was a member of the authoring teams for the 2009 and 2017 editions of PRINCE2®, the best practice project management method developed and maintained by AXELOS Limited, and was also part of the team developing the current version of P3M3®, AXELOS Limited’s Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model. He is an Accredited P3M3® Assessor. Nigel is a fellow of the Association for Project Management (APM). He also developed RSM’s Outperform Toolkit best practice corporate handbook suite. 

PRINCE2® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited and P3M3® is a Registered Trademark of AXELOS Limited.