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The NHS is facing unprecedented challenges as people are living longer, quality expectations have increased and financial pressures are forcing many NHS Organisations into deficit. Nick’s role is to provide assurance and advice to NHS Organisations as they face these challenges and seek to mitigate the risks to achieving their objectives. Nick operates at board level and provides general advice and support beyond the specific requirements of internal audit.

Nick has operated at head of internal audit level within the NHS for the past 10 years, latterly with RSM and prior to 2008 with a boutique NHS agency. The biggest challenges at the moment are around delivery of cost improvement programmes and managing workforce risks without impacting on the quality of services delivered. Nick is working closely to provide meaningful benchmarks, best practice and advice to support his clients as the challenges become ever steeper.

Clinical Commissioning Groups are increasingly being challenged to look at system wide options and to develop effective partnerships in seeking the best health outcomes at the best value. Nick is providing advice and guidance and assurance to support CCGs to maintain transparency and their reputation whilst providing best value to their patients.