Matthew has over 25 years advisory and consulting experience across a wide range of organisations including those in the corporate and not for profit sector. Whilst employed by the Audit Commission, Matthew worked extensively in the area of 'value for money' before becoming a head of service in local government.

During this time Matthew also architected and formed a local government consortium, involving five local councils and a private sector partner. The delivery model that Matthew created was identified and held up as a best practice example by the ODPM strategic partnering task force.

Matthew regularly presents on behalf of professional bodies, providing CPD courses, covering subjects such as risk management, disaster recovery and strategic business and risk planning.

Matthew says: 'organisations often underestimate the value that can be obtained through good governance and risk management arrangements. All too often they are seen as mechanisms for blocking growth. That, however, is not the reality - when used properly they can stimulate innovation, strengthen engagement and relationships and significantly contribute to positive personal and business development.'