Matt helps companies to meet their tax requirements as efficiently and as painlessly as possible. In particular, Matt spends a significant amount of his time assisting companies to make R&D, patent box and creative sector tax relief claims, as these can often realise substantial cash savings that make a real difference to businesses. His extensive knowledge, both of the tax and the underlying technologies involved, mean Matt is able to advise his clients proactively.

Matt has worked in tax for nearly 30 years. Before joining RSM, he headed up regional innovation tax relief teams for other firms. He also undertakes over engagements for clients, which include group reorganisations, overseas expansion, buying and selling of businesses or assets and corporate tax compliance.

Matt enjoys working with all types of businesses, from one-man start-ups to the world’s largest multinationals. He enjoys working across all sectors, although currently spends a fair amount of time in the technology, manufacturing and life science sectors.

When asked what he likes most about his job, Matt says;

Every business is different, and I enjoy getting to know new people and the strategic aims of the business. I also love understanding new products, services and the technology that underpins these’

Matt's RSM timeline:

  • 2017: joined RSM as director