John is an experienced M&A partner based in the Midlands. He has a unique skillset, having worked both in the banking and accountancy sectors and having completed his MBA. With a focus on the mid-market, he has over 18 years’ experience advising on over 100 transactions across different sectors, assisting clients with their growth, funding, shareholder, and capital realisation strategies. John’s specialities include private equity, corporate disposals and acquisitions, and management buyouts. He also co-leads the national M&A industrials and manufacturing team.

John is a massive F1, motorsport and car fan, which alongside cycling and regular DIY projects for house renovations, keeps him pretty busy on the weekends.

John says, "I love making a difference to our clients, helping them either realise value for their lifetime's work or assisting them begin their future investment journey."

Favourite thing about RSM

"Being part of a highly driven and motivated team that wants to be successful and can have some fun along the way."

John’s RSM timeline:

• 2022: joined RSM as a Partner from Grant Thornton LLP