Deborah has extensive experience supporting employers in tax and NIC compliance, with a particular focus on the status of workers. For some businesses, this involves conducting a PAYE risk analysis and advising on how they can minimise this risk. For others, this will involve supporting them through an HMRC enquiry and mitigating any settlement, for which Deborah has an excellent track record. She also advises on tax and NI efficient remuneration planning and staff incentives. This varies from flexible benefit schemes to restructuring advice to accommodate employee share arrangements.

Deborah joined RSM twelve years ago, as an employment tax specialist within different sector groups, having previously spent several years working for HM Revenue and Customs.

She has worked extensively with independent schools, who have been a focus of HMRC attention. She has also built a strong reputation within the charity sector, steering them towards employer compliance that is robust against HMRC review.

She provides support to many owner managed business, particularly through the growth of their work force. This involves steering them through the ever-growing employment tax legislation and ensuring adequate employee incentive and reward to key workers.

For several years, Deborah has contributed articles to the Independent School Report as employment tax specialist in the sector.

She has historically written material to reflect on the budget, autumn statement and on occasions writes articles for the Weekly Tax Brief.