Andy heads the personal insolvency national team of 25, which spans three offices within Creditor Solutions. Andy’s role as a licensed Insolvency Practitioner is to take on and lead personal insolvency assignments, specifically bankruptcies and individual voluntary arrangements. Regardless of whether a client is the debtor or the creditor, Andy can educate on the process, offer solutions, and help provide added value to clients. 

Andy’s highlights within personal insolvency include marketing and selling lucrative royalties rights, (involving the works and catalogue of a famous pop band), recognising an opportunity to instigate a process on a seemingly onerous asset in a bankruptcy case which realised a significant six-figure sum and working with the owner manager of a failed business to propose a workable IVA to enable the individual to avoid bankruptcy.

Andy is knowledgeable on the full suite of creditor solutions such as Tracker Core (creditor services’ early warning system), our bespoke Portfolio Risk Management data and client review system, Dividend Watch and our claims management solution.

Andy is a proud RSM graduate, having been with the firm for 15 years since leaving university and is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and Chartered Accountant. Andy spent ten years working in corporate restructuring and advisory before relocating to specialise in the niche area of personal insolvency.

Andy is a member of the R3 Personal Insolvency Committee, regularly contributes to various insolvency service led ‘Calls to Evidence’ and publishes commentary on a quarterly basis in regards to personal insolvency numbers and statistics. Andy has also appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox program.